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Make Sure YOU Know These Simple “ABCs” of Self-Defense and Street Smarts –Using Our PROVEN Method

With a special seminar JUST for people who want to learn PRACTICAL self-defense IMMEDIATELY!!

Do you ever worry that one day you may find yourself in a dangerous situation that you can’t physically handle? Harassed, threatened, or worse?  Or do you want to know how to recognize these types of situations as they are brewing and know how to best respond in order to escape unharmed and without violence?

If you’re like me, your answer is “YES” and “YES!” And you’re going to want to read the rest of this page!

You only need to watch the news for a few minutes to realize that the world is getting CRAZIER and CRAZIER by the hour...and sure, we all live in (relatively) safe neighborhoods, and (hopefully) take precautions to protect ourselves and our loved ones in our homes...but, who stays at home 24x7?!?!?  Not me, not you either.

And when we go out, sometimes our own frame of mind puts us in more danger.  We know we should be aware, and do our best to "keep our head on a swivel" to try and detect threats and avoid them before they become a problem.  But sometimes, our "vigilant brain" is out to lunch and "la la land brain" takes over - making us wonder:

“Which brain is going to show up if I end up in a tricky or dangerous situation?”

And even if it is the “wise brain”, most people, even at their wisest, are not seasoned enough to respond in the best way.  See, to respond is to “think before acting”.  And sometimes, even if the thinking leads to the right action, by the time the thinking is done, the window for action is gone, and it’s too late.
In these situations, rather than respond, we need to REACT To have a pre-formulated plan and be able to execute it automatically.  And this requires TRAINING.

That’s why The Warrior Faction offers a Self Defense Seminar ($499 value) for just a donation to Operation Underground Railroad of ANY AMOUNT!!! (Recommended - $99, but we won't turn down any amount - seriously)

That’s right, you can attend this seminar for a donation of ANY AMOUNT!

Now, besides being such a great value at this price, let me tell you why you’ll want to get enrolled, at any price.

When most people think about, or teach, self-defense, the gist of the lesson is either a simplistic “poke ‘em in the eyes and kick ‘em in the groin,” or “spend 10 years rolling around on the floor to become a master of my martial art”.  And even though lifelong learning of martial arts is certainly worthwhile (I’ve got over 38 years in), self-defense training is much more involved than having a simplistic plan and much more urgent than 10 years of training allows.  The good news is The Warrior Faction approach promises immediate improvement in ability to avoid and survive potentially violent encounters. We begin with two basic attributes:

Philosophy or “worldview” - We must begin with a solid belief that we are worth protecting and fighting for.  Not that we desire to fight but that our lives matter. To us, to our loved ones, and to our community.  Countless stories are told of this type of worldview being the one thing that has kept people from giving up in terrible situations like war, concentration camps, and hostage situations.  Your belief in their own worth could save your life.

Mindset – The collection of thoughts and attitudes we have going into any given situation.  This will include courage, tenacity, and confidence, and MUST be grounded in a sense of competence.  It also includes the ability to remain calm and collected enough to be able to recognize opportunities to make an escape or subdue an assailant.

Once we cover the philosophy and mindset, we break self-defense into an easy to remember “ABC” formula:

  • Awareness – Your will learn to be aware of your own strengths and limitations.  Aware of surroundings.  What to watch for using the Seven Foot, 21 Foot, and Nearest Safety Rules. And very importantly, how to use a cell phone in public without diminishing situational awareness (this one skill could be worth the whole price of the seminar!). How many times have we heard victims say, “They came out of nowhere,” “I never saw him coming,” or, “Everything was fine, then he just snapped!”  These statements are all different ways of saying, “I wasn’t aware enough.”  Awareness is a key step in keeping oneself safe.
  • Boundary Setting – Using the awareness gained, the next phase is to set boundaries with those around us.  You will learn to set verbal boundaries when someone is speaking in a threatening or inappropriate way.  Also, you will learn spatial boundaries to keep people you don’t trust at a safe distance.  And last, we learn physical boundaries to keep people from touching us.
  • Combat – This is the final phase of self-defense and is only rarely necessary if you have strong Awareness and Boundary Setting skills.  This is the fun part of the class – we practice evasion drills, hit and kick the training equipment, and learn to slip grabs or punches, among other tactics.  The method has been proven by over a dozen military units and government agencies.  It was chosen for BOTH it’s easy learning curve AND it’s effectiveness.  You will leave having become more effectively able to defend yourself.

This seminar, where you will learn this PROVEN METHOD of self- defense, is scheduled for groups of 10 or more.  Enroll YOUR family now to learn the philosophy, mindset, and simple ABC formula for a confident and safe teen!

We can't wait to meet you at the event!